Muhamad Andrian is Youth Traveller and Social Activist. He was visited many cities from 15 countries in Asia and Europe before 25 years old . He is a Co-Founder of Youth Banten which is one of youth organization in Banten province, Indonesia. In 2014, He is selected as Ambassador of Indonesian Youth Conference ( IYC ) and Indonesian Culture Nationalism from Banten. This events selected 33 youth activist from 33 provinces in Indonesia to talk about social projects.

He received his Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS ) cumlaude in Journalism from the Mercubuana University. After finishing his study, He worked as Teacher in Senior High School ( SMK ) Broadcast Global Insan. He teached mass communication, TV production and Audio setting. In 2015, He selected as one of awardees of Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program. At the moment , He lives in Wroclaw, Poland, continuing his master program in Business Information system at Politechnika Wroclawska. During his study, He also active in organization of Indonesian Student Association in Poland.

He speaks 4 languanges. Sundanese and Indonesian languange as native languanges, English as second languange and now he learn polish.If you are interested to know more about him, don’t hesitate to contact his email.

Specialities: Youth activism, youth leadership, community development, project management, process management, forging process analysis, supply chain, public speaking, journalism and social media.